About Us

Sometimes in our lives we actually have the ability to truly live out our dreams.

Here is my story:

  Now, I don’t want this to make me sound old (I dont think I am) nor do I want this to sound as if I can’t do your job (I’ll let the pictures of our projects speak for themselves), but I can tell you this, I have never looked back. I started my career more than twenty years ago in the world of Engineering. Why the transition to building beautiful outdoor environments?
You see, I have been dabbling in the dirt for years utilizing natural resources in my own landscape not knowing what was to be bestowed upon me. What drove me to do this? Was it the countless quality hours in our forests, meadows and waterways collecting pictures in my thoughts that drove me to a completely different career choice?
Nope, but it helped. The most incredible driving force for me was the dream; the opportunity to illustrate my passion while providing experience. Imagine being able to recreate these visions, very natural, realistic landscapes and water gardens all for our customers. The embedded pictures in my head did come back. They now provide me with the vision necessary to translate my customers’ wishes onto paper and from paper to real projects.
While the visions are all great, nothing – I repeat – nothing is more exciting for me than when we (our great team) have put the finishing touches on a landscape or turn a water feature on for the first time, or having a customer cry because she absolutely can’t believe what we delivered, the hugs, the praises. Need I say more? I could, but I won’t. This Site is dedicated to projecting my passion and love for landscapes and water features. I simply cannot get enough. The opportunities are endless. Each and every project we take on will portray the passions for which I have dreamed we could deliver. I hope you will give us a chance.

Always Best Regards,
Michael Saia